Scene 1

(The abode of Prajapati. Enter three students for spiritual instruction: a cosmic god, a man and an asura. Prajapati is highly pleased to see them.)

PRAJAPATI: Please sit here in front of me. (All bow and are seated.) What can I do for you three? Why have you come to me?

COSMIC GOD: We have come here for spiritual instruction. We have come here to learn from you that which will really make us great and fulfil our lives.

PRAJAPATI: Wonderful, wonderful! I shall teach you. But you have to stay here for some time. Then one day I shall invite you to come before me, and I shall give you spiritual instruction, my divine advice. (All bow to Prajapati with deep gratitude.) But first of all, I wish to know if you have any special desire, something that you feel you need most in your life. Mind you, this has nothing to do with your spiritual instruction. It is just something I want to know, you can say, out of curiosity. I want to know what each one of you has as your greatest desire.

ASURA: O greatest of all sages, O peerless sage. I want to conquer the world with my vital power. I want to lord it over the world. I want to prove to the world at large that I am the greatest and most powerful here on earth and there in Heaven.

PRAJAPATI: Ah, that is a splendid wish! (Turning towards the man.) Now, what about your desires?

MAN: O Creator, O Father of the entire universe, my sole desire is to become one with your whole creation. With my heart’s pure, soulful love, I want to become inseparably one with your entire creation — totally one with each human being, with each creature, with each object that you have created here on earth.

PRAJAPATI: That is a splendid idea! Indeed, it is a splendid wish. (Turning towards the god.) And what do you want most in your life?

COSMIC GOD: O Absolute, O sage of the highest magnitude, O peerless one, O transcendental one, I wish to illumine the universe with my soul’s Light. I wish to illumine your entire creation with my soul’s divine Light.

PRAJAPATI: Indeed, that is a marvellous desire! (To all.) I have three rooms here — one for each of you. Every day you will be served food in your rooms, and you will spend all your time in meditation. I shall call you when I feel that you are ready to receive my instruction.

(Exeunt the three students, bowing to Prajapati.)