Scene 2

(The cosmic god, the man and the asura meet together in another hall of the house.)

ASURA: I know I can easily become the most powerful being both in Heaven and on earth. I know I have that capacity. I am not bragging, I tell you. What I say is just a mere fact.

MAN: I know that I can be the most loving person on earth. My heart has the capacity to love everyone and everything on earth. I know I shall do it. God has given me the most loving heart, and I shall utilise it; I shall offer it to serve Him in His creation.

COSMIC GOD: I know I shall be able to illumine the whole world with my soul’s Light. God has given me that capacity, and He wants me to use it to illumine His creation. I will do it, and when I have done it, I will see God’s Face brimming with transcendental Delight, for my success is undoubtedly His success.