Scene 5

(One week later. The King’s Guru has been fasting to protest his Master’s imprisonment. He is visiting his Master in jail.)

MASTER: Since I am eating, you should also eat.

DISCIPLE: No, until I can bring about your release, I will not eat. It is I who have been the cause of your suffering. It is I who deserve punishment. If I had not initiated the King, he would have punished me. But by initiating him, I have involved you in the picture, and now I shall not rest until I have saved you.

MASTER: No, I involved myself. When you came to me I could have said to you, “Yes, it is a splendid idea. You have done the right thing.” But I told you that it was wrong of you to initiate the King. It is my fault that I am here. I should have kept silent.

DISCIPLE: How could you have kept silent? When your spiritual son does something wrong it is your duty to correct him, to perfect him. It is through this humiliation that I can enter into the domain of perfection. How could you have ignored me, how could you have been indifferent to me? You did the right thing, you did your duty. You showed me your utmost concern and for that I am most grateful. (The Master smiles.) I shall not leave you here. I shall fast unto death, if need be.