Scene 6

(The King’s palace.)

MINISTER: Your Majesty, your preceptor will soon die from his fast, and then some calamity may take place. Please forgive my saying this, your Majesty, but if your Guru dies in the palace in this way, your subjects may misunderstand.

KING: Call him. Bring him here.

(Exit Minister.)

(Minister returns with King’s Guru, who has become extremely weak from fasting and can hardly walk.)

KING: O Master, O Guru, tell me what you wish.

GURU: O King, you know what I want. I want you to release my Master. I initiated you, I pleased you. Now you please me. Release my Master.

KING (to Minister): Bring me a large piece of paper. (Minister brings the paper. The King writes something on it, saying each word as he puts it down.) “I am illumined. I am illumined by the initiation of my Guru.” (Puts the sign around his neck.) Now, let us go to see your Master.

(Exeunt omnes.)