What is prayer? Prayer is possession. What is prayer? Prayer is renunciation. What is prayer? Prayer is fulfilment.

With our human prayer we possess. With our divine prayer we renounce. With our supreme prayer we fulfil — we fulfil the Will of the Supreme soulfully, unreservedly and unconditionally.

The human prayer says, "Lord, give me." The divine prayer says, "Lord, take me." The supreme prayer says, "Lord, give me, if so is Your Will; take me, if so is Your Will. I have only one message for You: I am all for You, only for You."

Human prayer says, "Lord, give me what You have, and make me happy." Divine prayer says, "Lord, take me, along with all my possessions, and make me happy." The supreme prayer says, "Lord, in me and in others, please Yourself only in Your own Way, and thus make me happy."

Earth's prayer is a slowly ascending cry. Heaven's prayer is a speedily spreading smile. Earth prays for the immortal life. Heaven prays for the eternal satisfaction. Earth-prayer is God-Beauty's Perfection. Heaven-prayer is God-Duty's Satisfaction.

Prayer has a soulful brother, meditation. Prayer's God is high above. Meditation's God is deep within. Prayer's God is greatness and goodness. Meditation's God is fulness and oneness. Prayer is the strongest intensity in a seeker's life. Meditation is the steadiest immensity in a seeker's heart.

When I pray, I speak to God devotedly. When I meditate, God speaks to me affectionately. This is how we enjoy our fruitful conversation.

On the strength of my prayer, I go to God. I go to God and tell Him what He can most compassionately do for me. On the strength of my meditation, I bring God to me. God comes to me and tells me what I can cheerfully do for Him.

Prayer is humanity's momentous success. Meditation is divinity's continuous progress. Prayer's ultimate goal is God-Infinity's Sound-Glory. Meditation's ultimate goal is God-Eternity's Silence-Beauty.