Accomplishment and happiness1

O my Pilot Beloved, do tell me the difference between accomplishment and happiness.

"My child, accomplishment is constant self-giving and happiness is God-becoming once and for all."

O my Pilot Beloved, what is the difference between self-giving and God-becoming?

"My child, self-giving is a fruitful smile and a soulful cry: Eternity's cry and Infinity's smile. In God-becoming, the divine lover says to the Beloved Pilot: 'Lord, at long last I have come to You to offer myself — soul, heart, mind, vital and body. All that I have and all that I am, I offer to you devotedly, unreservedly and unconditionally, plus constantly.' In reply, the Lord Beloved says: 'My child, indeed, from now on you can claim Me as your own, very own. On every plane of My Consciousness, in every world that I am in, in My entire Universe, you have the most secret, most sacred and most significant place. Here on earth, there in Heaven, you will eternally remain My unparalleled instrument, My eternally unprecedented Choice. In you, through you I shall reveal Myself and fulfil Myself. I shall satisfy My Vision-World and My Reality-World only in and through you, you alone. From now on, you will be the source of My unparalleled joy, My unparalleled success and My unparalleled progress in My own Eternity's growing and glowing Vision-Reality. In everything that I do and in everything that I say, your living breath shall shine brilliantly and perpetually.'"

  1. MPB 10. 2 August 1978, 8:00 a.m. Jamaica High School Track, Jamaica, N.Y.