My Lord Supreme, what is the worst punishment that the Master can give to a disciple who deceives him?

"My child, the worst and most painful punishment is indifference. The Master's indifference is the worst punishment. Some are of the opinion that forgiveness is the worst punishment, but I say no. You can forgive again and again, but the deceptive seekers will make the same mistakes over and over in the same way. But if the Master is indifferent to them in the inner world and the outer world, if he takes no inner responsibility for what they do, what they say and what they grow into either in the inner or the outer world, then that is the worst possible punishment.

"It is of paramount importance to give this kind of punishment, for it permits the Master to give more opportunity to the other seekers who are still trying to realise the Absolute Supreme and who need more encouragement. Then the Master is able to pay more outer attention and offer more encouragement to them and congratulate them on their soulful inner cry."

  1. MPB 29. 24 December 1978, 9:50 a.m.