The opportunity-bird47

My Lord Sovereign, is the spiritual life an opportunity?

"Yes, My child, it is. Not only that, the spiritual life embodies infinitely more opportunity than anything else in My entire creation. You may like to know what opportunity actually is. Opportunity is a bird that flies and flies and flies."

My Lord Sovereign, if opportunity is a bird that constantly flies, then what am I supposed to do with that flying bird?

"My child, I am telling you what to do, You know that you have your heart's inner cry. This inner cry is a mounting flame. This flame also knows how to fly high, very high. Climb up on your inner flame, and then grab the flying opportunity-bird. After you catch it, bring it down and encage it. Use it to fulfil you in every aspect of your life. Once this opportunity-bird flies away, your life will become an inevitable failure. Once if I withdraw My opportunity from you, My child, yours will undoubtedly be the life of utter failure.

"Remember what you were before you accepted the spiritual life. Remember what you would have been if you had not accepted the spiritual life. Just think what you have become by accepting the spiritual life and what you can become eventually by remaining spiritual in the purest sense. It is only when you avail yourself of your opportunities that you can become close, closer, closest and inseparably and eternally one with My Light and Height, with My Consciousness and Delight. But if you do not avail yourself of the opportunity that I grant you at every moment, then yours will be the most destructive doom and your life will be a total and unprecedented failure."

MPB 66. 11 May 1979, 7:34 a.m.