Justice-Sun, Compassion-Ocean1

O my Pilot Beloved, aptitude I have; attitude I need.

With my unusual and exceptional aptitude I have seen Your Justice-Sun. Now I wish to see Your Compassion-Ocean with my soulful and surrendering attitude.

Millions of people on earth try to see your Justice-Sun. Alas, they sadly fail. In my case, I have done it; I have performed the great task. But I know that unless and until I can see Your Compassion-Ocean, my life will be devoid of salvation, my heart will be wanting in perfection, and my soul will be badly lacking in satisfaction.

Therefore, O my Pilot Beloved, what I need, now and forever, is Your Compassion-Ocean. In it lies everything — my dream-reality and my reality-dream.

  1. MPB 7. 1 August 1978, 8:45 p.m. 144th St. Gym, Jamaica, N.Y.