My Supreme, my Lord Supreme, my Beloved Supreme, do tell me the names of the things that I have to do without fail during the day.

"My sweet child, My divine child, My perfection-loving child, you have to change your earthly age twice a day. That is the only thing you have to do. First you have to think that you are only a three-year-old child who knows nothing about the ugly existence of doubt-night. Then you have to think that you are a 99-year-old human being who soon will pass behind the curtain of Eternity. Since your days are numbered, it does not become you to make friends with your volcano-vital.

"My perfection-loving child, if you faithfully change your age twice a day and live as an eternal child in the heart-garden of your soul, then your life's perfect perfection and My complete Satisfaction in you will before long dawn. Try, My child; you will succeed! You are bound to succeed, for you are destined to manifest and fulfil My Immortality's Vision-Light here on this planet earth.

MPC 20. 23 December 1987