Yesterday my Lord Beloved Supreme decided to tell me three most illumining and fulfilling stories. Today He told me two of the stories. The first one was about His Love. He told me how He has been loving my soul-bird right from the beginning of His creation. He also told me how He has been loving my heart-flower right from the day in the hoary past when He created my aspiration-heart.

The second story was about His Compassion. He told me how He blessingfully showers His Compassion upon my entire being, no matter how many mistakes I have made or how many mistakes I shall make in the future. He also told me how He grants His Compassion-Light unconditionally to each and every heartbeat of mine.

He told me that before the day ends, He will tell me His third story. He said this story will be entirely about me. He will tell me in full detail how devotedly, how soulfully and how self-givingly I aspired in my previous incarnations. My old aspiration-story, which is buried in oblivion and which I have completely forgotten, my Lord Beloved Supreme will resurrect. And once more He will energise me to aspire soulfully, devotedly, self-givingly and unconditionally. Something more: He will show me, inside my aspiration-story, the blossoming of my realisation-life-tree.

MPC 4. 18 December 1987.