My Lord,
If I dislike someone vehemently,
What is the best way to deal with
That person?

"My child,
There is not just one,
But there are many ways
To deal with that person:

Do not express
Your volcanic anger.

Think and feel
That you have the capacity
To mould and shape that person
Into a perfectly lovely human being.

Discard all your preconceived ideas
And judgements about the person,
For if you cherish hostile attitudes
Towards any person,
Then your own hostility
Will devour you.

Just imagine that right now
Your so-called enemy is having
Nice thoughts about you.
Not only that,
To your wide surprise, your enemy
Is speaking highly of you
To others.

Ask your mind to be a peace-maker.
Ask your heart to be a peace-lover.
Ask yourself to be a peace-observer
Here and everywhere
In the Eternal Now."