Question: What does one do during meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Meditation has quite a few stages. In the beginning, the seeker’s meditation has to be of one type. Then, when the seeker becomes mature, his meditation becomes of a totally different type. If the seeker is a beginner, then he has to try to control his thoughts and ideas. He has to make his mind absolutely vacant, calm and quiet. If any thought comes, he has to watch and see whether it is a good thought or a bad thought, whether it is a divine thought or an undivine thought. If it is an undivine thought, then immediately he will try to destroy it; and if it is a divine thought, he will allow it to enter and grow inside him. Then, when he is advanced, there should be no thought at all. There comes a time when the seeker makes continuous progress and goes far beyond those good thoughts and bad thoughts, divine thoughts and undivine thoughts. He goes far beyond the duality-life, far beyond the thought-world, to where there is he and God and nobody else: God the Creator and God the creation. At that time, he is God the creation and God the Creator unified in the Transcendental Consciousness.