[Sri Chinmoy signs the special condolence book for Mother. He writes:]

Mother, Mother,

This is your Sri Chinmoy. Mother, you blessed me just the other day, August 27th, on the phone from Calcutta. Mother, I asked you how you were. You told me, “I am much better, much better, Sri Chinmoy.” I told you, “Mother, your birthday was yesterday. I prayed for you most devotedly.” You said: “Thank you, Sri Chinmoy. You know that I pray for you every day. Therefore, you also must pray for me every day. I said, “Mother, I do.”

Alas, alas, September 5th you left us for your Heavenly Abode. “Mother, wherever you are, we, your devoted children, will be with you, in you and for you.”

Yours in your Beloved Jesus Christ,

Sri Chinmoy