Sam Brownback

United States Senator (Kansas)
Co-sponsor of the motion to give Mother Teresa the Congressional Medal of Honor (1997)

Last week, we lost a saint when Mother Teresa passed away at age 87. We are poorer, but Heaven is richer.

She died owning very few things here. She owned about two pairs of sandals, three robes, rosary beads. That was here. But in Heaven, she has a mountain of gold.

She had touched so many different lives on this Earth. It is an incredible definition of a successful life: a loving, caring, compassionate, selfless child of God, caring for, in many cases, the most downtrodden of God’s children. Would that I could live my life as well.

“All for Jesus.” We can all have different faiths and views of the world, but that was a driving focus for her, serving her Lord. How she did it each day is a testimony to each of us of how we should live.

We lost a saint, but the tragedy isn’t that she died; the tragedy would have been had she never lived. She lived fully and gave us so much in raising our consciousness, lowering our line of sight, and redefining compassion for an entire planet. For that, I thank her and I am thankful for her life.