Act III, Scene 2

(Matsyendranath is seated amidst great luxury, surrounded by beautiful girls. Some of the girls are dancing.)

GORAKSHANATH: How can this be? My Master is of the highest order. Perhaps my vision is wrong. Let me concentrate again.

(Gorakshanath concentrates.)

GORAKSHANATH: My Master has fallen! He is surrounded by so many beautiful girls, all singing and dancing. He is enjoying all kinds of vital life. I must save him! I will transport myself to this spot occultly.

(Gorakshanath approaches the group but is stopped by the gatekeeper.)

GORAKSHANATH: I wish to speak with that man. He is my Guru. He is Matsyendranath of Kaul. I must see him.

GATEKEEPER: Matsyendranath, Your Guru? Is that the renowned Matsyendranath of Kaul? He has fallen! What he was and what he has become now! He has fallen to such an extent that I cannot believe my ears when you tell me that this is Matsyendranath.

GORAKSHANATH: I must rescue him immediately!

GATEKEEPER: If you can rescue him from this place, you will be extremely lucky. This is Mayapuri, the Illusion-City. Once a person enters here it is most difficult for him to leave again.

(Gorakshanath tries to approach Matsyendranath, but the dancing girls will not let him near.)

GORAKSHANATH: It seems I shall have to use my occult power to make myself into a beautiful girl, or I will never get near my Master.

(Exit Gorakshanath and re-enter as a beautiful girl. Matsyendranath does not recognise him.)

GORAKSHANATH: Master, what are you doing here? What kind of life are you leading? You are a God-realised soul. What are you doing here enjoying vital life?

MATSYENDRANATH: Oh! I am fallen, I am fallen! I am fallen to such an extent! Now save me!

GORAKSHANATH: I shall use my occult power and take you away from here.