Act III, Scene 3

(Matsyendranath's ashram. Matsyendranath is seated in meditation, surrounded by his disciples. Enter Gorakshanath with another Matsyendranath, who goes to the meditating Matsyendranath and enters into him.)

GORAKSHANATH (addressing one of the disciples in amazement): Has Master been away for a few weeks?

DISCIPLE: No. For the last few weeks Master has been here, and we have all been with him.

GORAKSHANATH: How can this be? Master, please explain this experience I have just gone through. I cannot fathom the mystery of what has actually happened.

MATSYENDRANATH: I had to do all this just for you, for your perfection. You have all kinds of occult power, but your pride was too great. I sent that Yogi to smash your pride, to prove to you that you are not the world's greatest occultist. There are many with far more occult power than you have. Also, you were very austere and rigid in your spiritual life. You looked down on women. I told you repeatedly that by looking down on women you would not be able to transform and perfect your life, but you did not care for women's liberation from ignorance. You are my best disciple. I gave you all kinds of occult power, but you were defeated by that Yogi only because of your pride. Now that you have been humiliated, now that your pride has been smashed, I wish to tell you something. Although you are my student, and although you lost to that Yogi, before long you will surpass both him and me. Because today you conquered your pride and saw the Truth in a divine way, and because by becoming a woman in order to approach me you learnt not to shun or despise women, your tremendous potentiality will now be able to come to the fore. You are bound to surpass us. There is nothing else that I can teach you. All that I have, I have given to you.