Question: In meditation sometimes the mind stops functioning and there seems to be little information coming.1

Sri Chinmoy: In meditation we should not give importance to the mind. If there is no information coming, it is good. Real meditation is not information; it is identification. The mind tries to create oneness by grabbing and capturing us, but this can easily make us revolt. The heart creates oneness through identification. The mind tries to possess, but it only succeeds in dividing. The heart just expands and, while expanding, it embraces.

The mind may try to do something and immediately the body or the vital may prevent it. But if the heart wants to do something, no matter how difficult, it will be done. This is because if the mind encounters resistance and fails to get immediate satisfaction when it tries something, it just says that there is no reality there and gives up. But when the heart does not get satisfaction, it feels that it has not done the thing properly. So it tries again and continues trying until satisfaction dawns at last.

  1. MUN 268. 5 January 1973.