Question: You say we should meditate in the heart, but I find it easier to meditate in the mind.1

Sri Chinmoy: If you find it easier to meditate in the mind, then do so. But if you do, you will be able to meditate for perhaps five minutes, and out of that five minutes you may meditate very powerfully for only one minute. After that you will feel your whole head getting tense. First you may get joy or satisfaction, but when you try to go beyond that, you will feel a barren desert. If you meditate in the heart, you are meditating where the soul is, and the soul is the source of constant joy and satisfaction. True, the soul is everywhere — in the mind, in the body, everywhere. But it manifests itself most powerfully in the heart. When you concentrate or meditate in the heart, you get much more inner satisfaction than when you meditate in the mind, because the heart is the seat of the soul.

You have to be wise. There is a vast difference between what you can get from the mind and what you can get from the heart. The mind is limited; the heart is unlimited. Deep within us is infinite peace, light and bliss. To get a limited quantity is an easy task. Meditation in the mind can give it to you. But you can get infinitely more if you meditate in the heart. Suppose you have the opportunity to work at two places. At one place you will earn $200 and at the other place $500. If you are wise, you will not waste your time at the first place.

Some people find it difficult to meditate in the heart because they are not used to doing it. But let us not be satisfied with only the things that we get easily. Let us cry for something that is infinite and everlasting, even though it is more difficult to get. If we get something from the mind, tomorrow doubt may come and tell us that it was not real. But once we get something from the heart, we will never be able to doubt it or forget it. An experience on the psychic plane can never be erased from the heart.

  1. MUN 269. 1 March 1973.