Question: Does any small, progressive act towards world-oneness anywhere on earth improve the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly it does. If there is any progress in any corner of the globe, the fruits of that progress will come back to its ultimate source. It is like a father and son. When the son goes abroad and does something great and good for mankind, the father sees his own inspiration, which he has injected into his son, now being manifested. This gives him tremendous joy and increases his inspiration.

The peace, harmony and oneness that all the countries in the world are working for have their source in the United Nations. So if there is any marked progress in the world, we have to feel that the inspiration and aspiration behind it, plus the original vision, originated here at the United Nations. In the past, some countries or some individuals may have had the lofty vision of world-oneness. But it existed in the world of theory, not in the world of practicality. Only the United Nations has the capacity to fully manifest this vision in the outer world. And it uses this capacity to unify all the countries towards a common goal, which is the unification of human hearts and the transformation of human nature, particularly the mind.

So, if we observe progress in any nation, even in small measure, we have to give credit to the United Nations. And, whenever and wherever an iota of oneness-progress is manifested in the earth-consciousness, the United Nations gets the result. For it was here that the vision of oneness took birth and sent its illumining light to the four corners of the globe.