Question: Does the United Nations itself have special divine protection from bombs, violent riots and so forth?1

Sri Chinmoy: It entirely depends upon the prayer, meditation and self-giving of the United Nations and its oneness with the rest of the world. When the time comes, the Supreme will know what is best not only for the United Nations but also for His entire creation. The United Nations is not just a building; the United Nations is humanity’s home. Wherever an individual human being exists, the message of the United Nations exists in the very depths of that person’s heart. So if a catastrophe were to take place at the United Nations, it would affect not just an individual or a building but the entire world. In the same way, whenever the United Nations achieves something, it is not the achievement of an individual or country; it is the achievement of the entire human race.

  1. MUN 30. 9 May 1979.

Sri Chinmoy, My meditation-service at the United Nations for twenty-five years.First published by Agni Press in 1995.

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