Question: What does the United Nations need most today?1

Sri Chinmoy: The United Nations has many, many, many good qualities. But inwardly I feel that the United Nations can have infinitely more confidence than it has now. It needs more confidence in its inner existence. It needs the confidence to depend not so much on world support as on its own inner strength — on what it has and what it is. What it has is an inner assurance from Above. What it is, is the loftiest Vision of the Universal Soul, which has infinite wisdom and infinite light.

The soul of the United Nations has everything that the world needs and everything that the world will ever need. So its lack of confidence must be replaced by the all-seeing, all-giving, all-becoming and all-transcending divine Confidence. By borrowing and borrowing from the outer world and seeking moral support from the outer world, the United Nations cannot proceed towards its supreme destination. The United Nations has to expand its own receptivity. Once it creates and possesses enormous receptivity, all the divine attributes will cheerfully and powerfully descend into this receptivity. At that time, the United Nations will be able to manifest throughout the length and breadth of the world its message of oneness and fullness. It is the inner confidence of the United Nations that can and shall eventually transform the face and fate of the world, for such is the Will of the Absolute Supreme.

  1. MUN 31-32. 7 February 1992.