Question: Is it spiritually correct for some countries not to join the United Nations?

Sri Chinmoy: No, every country should join the United Nations, which is humanity's oneness-world-home. From a spiritual point of view, countries that do not join the United Nations are making a deplorable mistake. Spirituality means not only simplicity, sincerity, purity and humility but also universality and unity. World-unity is of paramount importance. If all the countries join together for a positive common goal, the very act of their being together is something laudable. Only this approach will eventually save the world and the planet.

True, the United Nations is not perfect. No individual or country is perfect either. In a family, every member has some imperfections. But on the strength of their feeling of family-oneness, all the family members work together to bring to the fore each other's good qualities. In exactly the same way, if some countries are not doing the right thing, then the other countries in the world-family that have the willingness and eagerness, plus a self-giving attitude, will try to help them. Eventually the ignorance of those countries that are not doing well politically, morally or spiritually will be illumined by the countries that are a few steps ahead.