Question: What is the spiritual significance of balance?1

Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual life, balance is of paramount importance. When the result of an action elevates our consciousness, we feel that we are running towards our destined Goal. When our inner cry takes us to the loftiest heights, our whole being becomes a sea of delight. But when we do not have this kind of success, it does not mean that we are not running towards the Highest. Sometimes defeat is a blessing in disguise, or a reality that is secretly preparing us to run the fastest. When undivine thoughts fill our mind, we should feel they are like passing clouds. Soon they will disappear and once again our inner sun will come to the fore. If we have inner balance and do not become sad or depressed, only then can we make the fastest progress. We need equanimity of mind in order to make the heart receptive. We need balance in order to achieve real satisfaction.

  1. MUN 359. 18 July 1978.