Question: How can we increase our purity?1

Sri Chinmoy: Nothing is as important as purity in the seeker's life. Every day the seeker should invoke purity or meditate on purity. One very good way to invoke purity is by repeating a mantra, and there is no better mantra than 'God' or 'Supreme'. If you practise spiritual breathing, every time you breathe in and every time you breathe out, you can repeat 'God' or 'Supreme' seven times. If you cannot do it seven times, then you should do it three times. Each time you breathe in, if you can say 'Supreme' three times or seven times, you will feel that you are bringing down universal purity into your physical system. And while you are breathing out, you will feel that you are expelling all your impure thoughts and ignorance. This will help considerably.

  1. MUN 360. 11 August 1978.