Question: What is the best code of life?1

Sri Chinmoy: The Sanskrit word for code is dharma. On each plane there is a code: on the physical plane, on the vital plane, on the mental plane and on the psychic plane. But the best code is surrender to the inner Divinity. Each approach to truth can always be justified since each code of life does bring some satisfaction. You do this or you refrain from doing that, and then you are satisfied. But real satisfaction comes when one surrenders to the highest principle in life, to one's own real Divinity. Sri Krishna told Arjuna, "There can be no higher code of life than to surrender to the inmost Divinity."

Divinity is everywhere. Divinity in infinite measure is in the Source; again, Divinity is also inside a tiny ant. Similarly, on different planes we may say that different codes are absolutely correct. On different planes Truth is definitely there. But the capacity of Truth on these planes may be limited. The human mind will say that something is absolutely correct, but the capacity of the mind is very limited. But on the highest plane, the capacity of Truth is unlimited and the mind cannot fathom it. If we surrender to our own highest Divinity, at that time we become one with the highest capacity and the highest Truth. Only then can our code of life on the physical, vital, mental and all the other planes be transcended.

  1. MUN 396. 10 August 1976.