Question: How can an individual truly know what God's Will is for him?1

Sri Chinmoy: There is a very simple way to know what God's Will is for us as individuals. Every day we build our own world. Every day we make our own decisions. We feel that things have to be done in a certain way: I have to deal with this person in this way; I have to say this; I have to do this. Everything is I, I, I. We all do this.

If, instead of all this planning, we can make our minds absolutely calm and silent, we can know God's Will. This silence is not the silence of a dead body; it is the dynamic, progressive silence of receptivity. Through total silence and the ever-increasing receptivity of the mind, God's Will can be known. When the human mind works powerfully, the divine Will cannot work. God's Will works only when the human mind stops working. When the mind becomes a pure vessel, the Supreme can pour into it His infinite Peace, Light and Bliss.

When the mind is silent, we see that we are not the doer but only the instrument for carrying out God's plans. When we realise this, God is able to act in and through us most powerfully. At that time, we see and feel that God is the Doer and He is also the action. He is everything; we only observe.

  1. MUN 397. 9 February 1973.