God and the human Guru

The human Guru is only an instrument of the Supreme. I always say that I am not the Guru: the real Guru, the only Guru, the supreme Guru is the Supreme Himself. I am a representative of the Supreme for those who call themselves my disciples. Since those who call themselves my disciples want to reach the Supreme through me, they have to be in my spiritual boat. There are some disciples in my boat who have no faith, no belief in me. They are constantly doubting me and constantly separating me from the Supreme. That is to say, they feel that my boat has nothing to do with the Supreme's Will or the Supreme's Consciousness. But there comes a time when a disciple is fully ripe and lives in his highest consciousness all the time. Then he sees that there is no difference between his Guru and the Supreme.

When I tell my disciples to meditate on my transcendental picture, I take full responsibility for what I say. That is to say, the Supreme is in that picture. But the physical body that you are seeing, you may judge or suspect. You see that I am five feet eight inches tall and so many other things you see in my physical being. But inside the physical is the real spiritual existence, where my total oneness, conscious oneness, complete oneness with the Supreme operates. The disciple's capacity to realise this oneness depends on his achievement in the field of aspiration; it depends on how far or how deeply he has realised me. Somebody will take me as a spiritual Master; somebody else will take me as a philosopher and a third person will take me as a poet. All these things in the outer life can be seen. But if anybody here has ever gone really deep within and entered into me or entered into the Supreme, then he sees that in my deepest consciousness I am totally one with the Supreme. There can be no difference.

Some Gurus in India tell their disciples to pray to them. In India, automatically the disciples feel that their Guru can never be separated from God, so they pray to their Guru. They feel that it is easier and more effective to pray to the Guru than to God. Sri Ramakrishna used to say that God is like a cow. Milk is there in the cow; but if I press the tail or the leg or the nose, I don't get the milk. I get the milk only when I press the udder of the cow. Similarly, God is everywhere in this world. In this wooden plank God exists, but if I break the plank, God is not going to appear. So the representative of God, the Guru is the udder and from there we get the milk. Milk means Compassion, Light, Peace and Bliss.

Your Guru is your spiritual leader, your guide, your real pilot. He is dealing with divine Consciousness, infinite Consciousness, Infinity and Eternity. If you really want Infinity and Eternity, then you have to know that the easiest and most effective way to go to the Supreme is through the Guru, because in this way you can approach the Supreme on the physical plane as well as the inner plane. Even the outer senses are satisfied and you can get an immediate response on that level. If you think of the Supreme, it is all very vague. How many of you really have any conception of the Supreme, even in the mental world? Either He is a human being or He is infinite Consciousness or Energy; these things you may imagine. But you know who I am. You have talked with me so many times; you have meditated with me so many times and many, many times through my eyes you have seen the Light of the Supreme, the Power of the Supreme.

There is one more thing I wish to say. Sometimes when I speak, it may seem that I am repeating the same idea over and over. But I wish to tell you that even if I speak beyond your expectation, I will not say a word beyond your necessity. The Divine in me is constantly flowing through me. Even if I repeat some word six times, eight times, twenty times, there is a special purpose in it. When I say something once, I see that the mind may respond to what I say and the mind may try to listen to it. The second time I say something, I see that the vital is going to listen to it. The third time, the physical consciousness is going to listen. So when I repeat a word, please do not feel that I am repeating each sentence because I do not have more wisdom or more light. I do have an incessant flow in my inner life and outer life, but I feel it is necessary to repeat for the disciples' sake.