Entering into the Master's highest consciousness

My simple request to you is that every day for five minutes you will kindly concentrate on the daily meditation and then, either when you are depressed or when you are in a good mood during the day, you can try to concentrate on the thoughts that you have read in the morning. It will help you in your inner life as well as in your outer life. If you don't want to memorise it, if you don't want to sit for that extra examination, no harm; you don't have to do it. But I wish you to read the daily meditation and concentrate on it and get the utmost from it.

I wish to tell you that one of the most effective ways of entering into my highest consciousness is to read my spiritual writings. You do not have to read about my subway experiences: what kind of difficulties I had to go through and all that. But when you read my spiritual writings, I can assure you that immediately you enter into my consciousness. My spiritual writings are surcharged with my own consciousness. I cannot separate my realisation from my writings. So if you want to grow in your Guru's realisation, every day read these meditations and also read my writings for half an hour.

If you read my writings every day, I wish to tell you that you will get a deeper knowledge, a deeper vision, a deeper reality. Then you will see how you are progressing in your own inner life. My writings are not like a newspaper that you read in the subway and then throw away. My writings are something most significant for the disciples. Each time you read my writings soulfully and devotedly, I assure you that the next time you read you will be blessed or endowed with something more significant, more fulfilling.

It is difficult to meditate twenty-four hours a day, but it is absolutely possible to read my writings for half an hour and to do an hour of meditation daily. Twenty-four hours a day God has given you. If you don't have the time to meditate for one hour at a stretch, or if you are not able to meditate for an hour at a stretch, then I wish you to meditate fifteen minutes at a time. Do it early in the morning; then at noon, if it is possible. If it is not possible, then forget about it and try to meditate when you come back home from your job. That will be the second time. Then you can meditate again after two or three hours. The fourth time you can meditate just before you go to sleep. You can even do it while you are in bed, but you have to be in a seated position and not lying down. So these four times easily you can meditate during the day.

Again, when I say that you have to meditate for an hour, this does not mean that you have to look at your watch and all the time count the minutes. No! If you feel that you are not able to meditate properly for an hour, then I wish you to remain in your meditative mood for as long as possible. But if you are trying for two hours and you are not able to actually meditate even for ten minutes, then the best thing is to leave meditation at that time because the mind has become agitated and it will be difficult for you to calm the mind.

But you must not feel sorry or depressed. If you feel depressed that today's meditation did not come out all right, that depression will not help you in the least. That depression will only pull you back. You have tried your best; now you have to offer the results to the Supreme. You tried and you failed; but if you can offer your failure at the Feet of the Supreme, then you will get the same benefit that you would have got if you had had a good meditation. If you give only good things to God and keep the bad things, then you will see that the strength of what we call the bad things will not allow you to go to God with what you have and what you are. Two things you can get from meditation: either success or failure. If you can give both to God with the deepest joy, then your part is over.

Please forgive me. I am not scolding you at all. Only I am telling you what you can do with your meditation. The time has come for us to be absolutely sincere in what we say and do. Here we are all grownups. What has compelled us to accept the spiritual life is our inner urge to think of God and realise God. It is the divinity in us that is pulling us or pushing us to realise God. When each morning comes, I know that all of you try sincerely and devotedly. Again, I know that all of you can become more sincere and more alert in your day-to-day life. I want each student and disciple of mine to realise God in this life. But if you cannot do it, I shall cry with you, I shall shed bitter tears. I don't want to tell you people that one day I will leave the body and that you will have to stay on earth and go through hundreds of incarnations. I do not want to say that kind of thing. No, I say here and now that you can realise God, and when I say here and now I really mean it. I have the capacity and I have the assurance from above, but I need the readiness from you people. I do not want to eat all the fruit all by myself. I really love you people. I really want to give you the fruit. No parents will be happy if they see that their children are denied the fruit.

But again, the children have to be crying for the fruit, begging for the fruit. Otherwise, as Sri Ramakrishna used to say, "If I give you sweet things, sugar, then your stomach will become upset." When I give you a little experience, inner experience, believe me, you are unbalanced. I have seen some of you really lose your heads when I bring down and give a little inner aspiration or higher experience. You have to feel at that time that this inner experience is nothing in relation to your self-realisation.

So from now on, I wish all of you to devote more time to prayer and meditation. But, at the same time, this meditation should be filled with absolute sincerity and aspiration. It should not be done for the sake of counting the hours. You can meditate for eight hours, ten hours, twelve hours; but if all the time you are thinking of your friends and relatives, that kind of meditation will not help you at all.

By this time, here at this Centre, I wish to tell you that I would have got more than 150 new disciples if I had accepted everyone who applied over the last two months. You don't know how mercilessly I have rejected in cases when I saw that they had no real aspiration. I do not want this place to have black sheep. Each person here should feel the divine necessity and divine prestige of this place. Each person has some responsibility for realising God. I feel that those who are already here should stay to get the utmost from their aspiration and inner life. Let us not cry for numbers. Let us cry only for realisation. And for that I am ready, I am really ready to help you, guide you and grant you this Goal of goals.