Question: Am I ready to be your disciple? Is my status high enough to be in your group? I haven't prepared any questions.

Sri Chinmoy: That is very good. If you think of questions beforehand, then those particular questions will be from the mind. I wish to have questions that come only from the heart, spontaneous questions. So this first question I wish to answer with all my heart's love and concern. I have already accepted you as my true disciple. It is not that I have come here to accept you as a disciple. I accepted you, I think, about two years ago when I came here for the first time and I was blessing you downstairs. That moment I accepted you as a true disciple of mine. When I accepted you, I accepted at that time your conscious part, your divine, immortal part, your soul. Now I am accepting your mind. The real in you is the soul. Previously, your soul was my disciple. Now today I am accepting your mind, which was not at that time ready to surrender its existence to me. Now your mind has also surrendered. It happened two or three weeks ago. Now your physical mind will convince your body and your vital reality that you are my devoted and surrendered disciple. Long ago your soul surrendered to me. It saw my inner divinity. A few months ago your heart fully accepted me. And three or four weeks ago your mind also accepted. Today I am convincing your entire being that I have fully accepted you as my true, divine disciple. Previously, only your soul and I knew that you were my true disciple. Now, even your outer being will know that you are my real, true, divine disciple. When did you come to America? How old were you?