Question: I came when I was forty-five. I am now seventy-two. But after I got my sickness in the head, my tumour, I forgot all my languages; sometimes I forget even Russian words.

Sri Chinmoy: It is good to unlearn. Our philosophy is not only to learn but also to unlearn. If you think of Russia, many unpleasant experiences will come to the fore. You had good times but you also had bad times, unpleasant experiences, because of the first World War and the second World War. Our philosophy is, "The past is dust." Thirty years ago when you were in Russia, you had not realised God. Now for quite a few years you have been here and still you have not realised God. But you have the inner cry to see the Truth, become the Truth and grow into the Light. So, when you forget a few things, do not be disturbed. Only if you forget God, then you should be disturbed. Early in the morning and in the evening, if you do not pray, then only feel miserable. Even if you forget Chidananda's name, don't worry. Nothing will happen. If you forget God's Name, then only something will happen. If you forget Russian, no harm.

Every week I speak to my sisters and brothers in India and sometimes I try hard to speak very fast. In our family I was the fastest speaker. But now my sister speaks Bengali much faster than I do. Previously nobody, nobody could beat me. Now I am not in touch. All the time I speak English. Sometimes she speaks so fast that I have to ask her to repeat, because I cannot get it. It is not because we are thousands of miles apart, but because she is speaking fast. I am out of touch, but I do not feel sad. As long as God is with me and inside me, as long as I can speak to Him face to face, I do not worry about who defeats me in the outer world. So much the better if I forget the Indian languages.