Question: Sometimes I have questions about my belief in Jesus Christ and now in...

Sri Chinmoy: Me. An Indian has created problems for you?

Question: No! This question was there in the beginning for me when I started to think about your family. Now I understand it better and I think that I am ready now, absolutely ready, to be your disciple.

Sri Chinmoy: Very good. So now please tell me; I did not get the question. All right, you have already reconciled me with Jesus Christ. I am adding to your reconciliation. You can take Jesus Christ and me on different planes according to the height of your own aspiration. There will be people on earth who will think that the Christ is the only Saviour; for them there is no Krishna, no Buddha — only Jesus Christ. So we salute them at a distance because of their narrow-mindedness. Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha and other spiritual Masters are also there. The Father in Heaven has sent the Christ, the Buddha, Sri Krishna and me and you and all, all, all, here to earth. There are some who will say that the Christ is infinitely superior to me. To them I say, "Granted, he is infinitely superior, infinitely better. But you are not in a position to go directly to the Christ-Consciousness; you need some help. So, either take me as the Christ's secretary or as his gateman. Let us take the Christ as a divine being. He has a house, a mansion. There will be a guard at the door or a secretary who will make appointments for the boss. So either I have to take the role of the secretary or the gateman."

But this I am telling to them, to people who feel that the Christ is infinitely superior. Again, there are some who think that we are one. They feel not only that we are brothers, spiritual brothers, but that we are the same Reality that has come into the world in different forms, with different faces. In our Bhagavad-Gita, which is India's Bible, Lord Krishna said that all spiritual figures are manifestations of the same Master. We had in India a very, very great spiritual Master. His name was Sri Ramakrishna. To his dearest disciple he said, "He who is Rama, he who is Krishna, in one form is Sri Ramakrishna." It means that all the spiritual Masters that have come into the world have come from one Source, the Father in Heaven. When they came into the world, they came at different times with different names. But if a disciple of mine soulfully enters into me, into my heart, then he is bound to see the Christ-Consciousness there, because the Christ and I are inseparably one. Again, if a true disciple or follower or devotee of the Christ enters into the highest Christ-Consciousness, then he is bound to see me. This I will tell all of you, because you are my disciples. If you enter into me, then you are bound to see the Christ because we have come from the same Source Supreme. And people who are following Christianity, Christ's path, are bound to see me if they really realise the Christ-Consciousness. They are bound to see and feel me as totally and inseparably one with the Christ.

Again, if the Christ says something for a particular people and for a particular country according to their standard and level of spirituality, I need not say the same things because the world has evolved; it has made progress. Yesterday you were Olga and today also you are Olga, the same person. But yesterday, according to your inner growth, perhaps you said one thing to a friend of yours and today you will say something else. That something else does not have to be contradictory, but it may be something new. According to your own realisation, you said something to a friend yesterday, and your friend realised that thing according to his or her own standard. Today, because of your greater height or spiritual maturity, you may say something else to a friend who is also more spiritual, and he or she will receive more light from you. So, if some people find it difficult to reconcile the Christ's teachings and my teachings, I wish to say that two thousand years ago people were being formed in one pattern and today the world may be taking a different shape or outlook. Today, for those of you who have accepted me, I am the person representing the Father-Consciousness on earth. If I say something new, I am in no way contradicting the Christ or finding fault with him. Far, far from it. It is only that at that time God spoke through the Christ in a particular way and now in and through me He is speaking in a particular way. But the essence, the quintessence of the reality that God placed inside the heart of His supreme Creation, which was known as the Christ, that same essence He has put inside me also.

The Christ is my dearest friend and brother. We are absolutely one and he feels miserable when people in public meetings from time to time argue with me and insult me and say that he is the only Saviour. At that time he feels literally miserable that even now the world-consciousness has not evolved to such an extent that it can see in me the Light which has come from the highest Source. The Truth, Peace, Light, Bliss and all other divine attributes which have descended into me from the absolute Highest, it doesn't see. The Christ knows who I am and what I stand for. I am doing his job, his unfinished job, or the continuation of his job.