Question: What must I do now in my life to change my next incarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: Very good. You have already changed your life most considerably and satisfactorily since the day you accepted me. Many people on earth, thousands and millions and billions of people on earth, are not able to accept me as a Master. Or it will not be possible for them to transfer their loyalty from the Christ to me. The very fact that you have accepted me as your Master means that you have already changed considerably, far beyond your imagination. To accept me is the first step — the first dynamic, bold step in your nature's transformation. This I am saying with utmost sincerity. You have already made tremendous change and progress since I saw you last by accepting me and by accepting our path.

Now comes the question of future incarnations. It is a matter of your own belief in me, how much you believe in me. I am telling you our supreme philosophy. We have got first-class, second-class, third-class, fourth-class, fifth-class, sixth-class and seventh-class disciples; and again, now we have discovered another class, eighth-class disciples. First-class disciples will always believe that what I say is absolutely authentic and true. The first-class disciple in you will always believe what I am saying. Once somebody becomes very close to me, to my heart and soul, and dedicated totally to my path, no matter how old the person is, it does not matter. You are seventy-two years old. That is not important to me. What is important to me is how soulfully, how sincerely, how devotedly you have accepted our path.

You have accepted me wholeheartedly, sincerely, devotedly and soulfully, so all your problems are over. On earth God will keep you for as many years as He wants. What happens in your future incarnation will be entirely up to me and our Pilot Supreme. At that time, you will see that you do not have to worry at all. Now, your acceptance of the Eternal Father in me is like a child's acceptance. When a child stands in front of his father, the child is not at all worried because the whole responsibility for his life lies in the father's care. Your future life is all my responsibility, not yours. If you have a child, you will be responsible for that child. If you have even a cat or a dog or anything that is innocent and younger than you in spirit, in soul, then naturally it is your duty to help it, guide it, mould it. In the spiritual life I am one inch higher than you. Since I am one inch higher than you, it is I who am responsible for helping you, guiding you, moulding you under the guidance of the Pilot Supreme. Only you have to feel that you are not seventy two years old; you have to feel from today that you are only four or five years old. The change that you have made, the transformation that has taken place since you accepted my path, could not have happened if you had felt that you were seventy-two. Impossible! At the age of seventy-two, nobody has accepted our path. You are the first one at this age to accept our path. So, already the divine child in you has come to the fore. God Himself is a divine Child. The divine child in you wants to break the old fossilised, barren mental life.

Now you are swimming in the sea of Light and Delight. A child is swimming, a child is running. You have made tremendous progress because your heart has become a childlike heart. Your whole being now soulfully wants to know more about Truth, Light, God and all divine things. Because you have made this progress, you do not have to worry about the future. If you can feel all the time that you are four or five or six or seven years old and that I am the Eternal Father, then you will see that your future incarnation is all my responsibility. It is my responsibility one hundred per cent to deal with your future incarnation. Only think of yourself as a child.