Sal Viscardi's mother

Dear Sri Chinmoy:

My sister and I cannot find the words to describe your wonderful hospitality where everything was so arranged that a new pleasure appeared every moment. We count ourselves very fortunate and happy to have been invited to share the day with you, other mothers and their sons.

It made us feel good knowing your consideration to preserve the love of the family and all humanity. You teach the boys to be good because without that they can be neither valued by others nor set any value on themselves. You inspire them to be industrious and apply themselves to useful pursuits.

I had a dear and precious mother and father who instilled in me a love of God, truth and kindness to all, and I hope that in raising my boys I was able to transfer the same principles to them. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness and may God grant you continued success.

Sincerely yours,

Antoinette Viscardi