Part II — Comments from mothers

NAM 7-25. Several of the mothers were deeply moved by the meeting with their sons' Guru, and sent notes of appreciation. Some of these notes are reproduced here.

Apeksha's mother

Dear Sri Chinmoy,

It was a privilege for me to have been in your presence, and to hear your splendid talk to the mothers who were your guests on December 7, 1975. Your serenity, combined with your many words of wisdom to the mothers, was very inspirational to all who were there. For me, the highlight of our morning with you was the feeling of exaltation when you placed your hands upon my head and gave me a blessing. That experience is a blending one, of mind and heart.

As a mother of one of your disciples, I give grateful thanks to Our Heavenly Father for directing you to America, for all the good that you have done in influencing and guiding so many of our very special young people.

May you be blessed with good health, and many years of useful service.


Mrs. Katherine Baccigaluppi