America: The brother and lover of the world1

Thomas Jefferson came with infinite, infinite light, not only for his country, but also for the rest of the world. Light exists; dire darkness exists. We hope that one day light will transform darkness into light.

The first lines of our "America" song say, "Great you are, good you are, brave you are, kind you are." No vision will ever remain unfulfilled. We may not see it in our time, but America's glory, America's kindness, America's concern for the world will definitely reign supreme. These divine qualities we may not see tomorrow, or in the nearest future, but they will definitely come back. America once led the world most affectionately and kindly. Those days will never be buried in oblivion — never!

Let us hope that we shall see not the leadership of supremacy, but the leadership of oneness. There will be no supremacy; it will be all intimacy. Inside America's heart of intimacy, the rest of the far-flung world will find utmost safety. America will not be a conqueror. America will become the brother and lover of the world.

  1. NED 33. 19 December 2005, Kuantan, Malaysia