Avatars take many forms15

Believe it or not, your Guru has many forms. I take many, many forms in the inner world. The souls that come to me also have many forms, but I have many, many, many more forms than they have. I try my very best, when I go to see them, to allow them to recognise my soul. Only very few souls cannot fully recognise me, my height; they find it quite difficult.

The interesting thing is that, when I meet with the Cosmic Gods and Goddesses and the Avatars, at that time we do not show off! We take simpler than the simplest forms. It is not as if one Avatar will show his height and then another will do the same. We are such close family members. When we meet together, we take almost formless forms.

Again, sometimes some yogis are very proud of their yogic occult powers. They may try to show off their occult powers, which are like the huge waves of the ocean. Some yogis can be like children. They show here and there how powerful they are, like little children who have got some toys. Little children may throw their toys to the ground and break them. But very, very highly advanced yogis behave almost like the Avatars.

When some yogis show off their capacities, which are like billows or heavy waves rising, it does not bother the Avatars. At that time the Avatars show their larger-than-the-ocean consciousness. Then the yogis bow down. Which is more important: the ocean itself, or a few waves here and there? Some Avatars do not even pay attention when yogis show their occult power, so these yogis may become a little jealous. But some Avatars do show at that time their ocean-vast consciousness. Then the yogis surrender, and they no longer show off.

34. 21 December 2005, Kuantan, Malaysia