The New Year — 20061

In the New Year's message for 2006, the Supreme is speaking about hope, hope. 2

3 EDEM 35-1. New Year's Message-Prayer, 2006: My Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme,
Please tell me what is going to happen
In this new year.

My child, keep quiet.
With My Transcendental Vision,
I shall give humanity
A new hope,
A new promise
A new receptivity-acceptance of life.
All the aspiring human beings here on earth
Must join Me.
I shall succeed.
I am bound to succeed. New Year's Messages 1966-2007: Selected writings of Sri Chinmoy. Moscow/New York: Aum Publications, 2010

I wish to clarify something. No country is the world. If the hopes and promises of certain countries are not fulfilled, there are many other countries where we will see that their hopes and their promises will be fulfilled. Many countries will come forward with new hopes and new promises. They will make astounding progress. The world's happiness and the world's sufferings should not depend on the success or progress of any individual country.

This year, quite a few countries will be making tremendous progress. They hesitated; they waited for three or four years to see how the world situation would evolve. But now, quite a few countries are brave enough to go their own way. It is not that they will revolt, but they feel that by seeing the faults of other countries they will delay their own progress. They want to make progress. We shall see how many poor countries and rich countries will come forward and fulfil their promises.

  1. NED 35. 1 January 2006, Kuantan, Malaysia

  2. 35-1

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