I am inseparably one with you1

My spiritual children, you have such love for me, unimaginable love for me. In return, I can give you my heart's infinite, infinite, infinite gratitude-tears, my infinite gratitude-tears. You think that you are fortunate to be my disciples. In my case, not only do I think and feel, but I know that I am extremely fortunate to have you in my Boat. And this Boat, I am sure, will not fail you. At God's choice Hour this Boat will take you to the Golden Shore that I talk about, the Golden Shore of the ever-transcending Beyond. You will not fail me, and I shall not fail you. I shall not fail you.

In August I shall complete seventy-five years of my earthly existence, so I have started offering to each of you seventy-five million gratitude-flowers.

When you are suffering, whether physically or mentally or psychically, please feel that I am there, inside your sufferings. I am with you, in you and for you. I may not be able to take away your sufferings. Only God, our Lord Beloved Supreme, can take away our sufferings. But try to feel that I am one hundred per cent with you in your sufferings. And when you have happy news, when you are in a very cheerful frame of mind, when your entire being is surcharged with happiness, please feel that I am there, I am there. I am one hundred per cent there with you, with your happiness. I am inseparably one with you, both in your suffering-life and in your cheerfulness-life.

When we establish our oneness, which we have done, then the so-called unhappiness can be transformed into happiness, because there is someone to take care of us. For you there is someone who has established his inseparable oneness with the Absolute Lord Supreme. I can definitely be of service to you, and with your enthusiasm, eagerness and willingness, you can also be of tremendous service to me.

There are some disciples who are no longer physically with us, but they support us inwardly and outwardly. Quite a few are in favour of us, wholeheartedly and sincerely. There are some disciples who have left us and do not support us. Please, please do not mix with those people. Again, some who have left our path are indifferent to our activities and our achievements. Please do not mix with those who are indifferent. Their indifference will affect you — your soul, your heart, your life, your life-breath. Only mix with those who love us, care for us and help us when they feel that we need their help. I regularly bless their souls, bless their hearts, bless their lives.

Let us have only positive thinking, positive thinking. Anything that is good, inspiring and aspiring is leading us to our destination. The rest is all an unfortunate experience. Hell and Heaven are always side by side. When you are happy, when you want to go forward, Heaven is embracing you. When you are sad and miserable, at that time hell is welcoming you. Remain in Heaven all the time, all the time!

Again I am offering you my gratitude, my heart's infinite, infinite, infinite, infinite-multiplied-by-infinite gratitude-tears.

  1. NED 45. 14 April 2006, Aspiration-Ground