He sends them; he takes them back27

Some people have asked me about their children or grandchildren who are no longer on earth. They want to know if their departed dear ones have taken a new birth, a new incarnation. I have told them that this kind of question will not help them at all to realise God. In their case, it is sheer curiosity.

The only thing we have to know about our dear ones is that he came from God, she came from God, and now they have gone back to God. It is God’s responsibility to give them another life on earth. Let us only think of our responsibility: to pray, to meditate and to realise God.

Those dear ones came to earth for a few years and now they are gone. He sends them; He takes them back. While they were on earth, you took care of them, because God gave you the responsibility. Afterwards, God alone is responsible.

46. 5 December 2006, Belek, Turkey