Question: If there is something bad in store for you in your fate, and you do something good, will that change your fate?

Sri Chinmoy: Definitely! If you do something wrong, then you should do something good to nullify it. But you have to know that God has His own time. If today you do something bad and then tomorrow you do something good, God may not immediately change your fate. He may wait a few more days to see whether you are going to continue doing the right thing. Otherwise, perhaps the day after tomorrow you will start doing bad things again. So God will watch you to see if you are more interested in doing bad things or good things. If He sees clearly that from now on you are going to do only good things, then definitely He will nullify the bad things that you did and give you a very peaceful, joyful and illumining life. So no matter how many bad things you have done in the past, always try to start doing good things. Then eventually you will conquer the bad things in your life.