Question: How can I love God and satisfy God in His own Way?

Sri Chinmoy: Now that you have entered into the spiritual life, you can easily love God and satisfy God in His own Way. You have to always feel that God knows what you actually need. In most cases this is very different from what you want. You want many, many things that will delay your spiritual progress. That is why God may not give these things to you. What you want cannot help you; it can only create problems for you. But what you need will definitely help you, and it will never create any problems for you. If you have love, devotion, surrender and gratitude, then God is bound to give you everything that you need. So you can please God in His own Way by praying to God to give you only what you need from Him — His Compassion, His Love, His Forgiveness. If you can pray for these things with love, devotion and surrender, then you will be able to please God at every moment in His own Way.