Question: Does God love me more as an angel or as a human being?

Sri Chinmoy: Now you are not in the angel-world; you are now leading a human life, and human life will one day turn into divine life. If you can remain in the angel-consciousness — which is very, very pure and beautiful — while in the human body, God will definitely love you more than if you remain in the human consciousness. But you have to know that God will love you the most if you lead a pure and spiritual life as a human being. For it is only from the human life that we can reach the divine life. An angel is like a beautiful child. A child has no mind, no jealousy, no insecurity. Compared to someone who is, let us say, twenty years old and who is filled with jealousy, insecurity and so many other undivine qualities, an angel's consciousness is definitely better. So definitely God loves the angel-consciousness more. Again, if someone is a little more mature — thirty years old, let us say — and is leading a very pure, very spiritual, very divine life, this person will be able to manifest God much more than a little child. So if a human being is quite pure and, at the same time, is aspiring very hard and manifesting God most powerfully, then naturally God will love that person more than the angel who is only very sweet and very innocent.