Offering a prayer inside the President's cell

Our beloved President Mandela, O Supreme Pilot of the South Africa-Boat, it is here in this tinier than the tiniest room that you embodied your beloved country’s streaming tears and bleeding heart.

Again, it is here in this bondage-room that you planted the seed of freedom. Blooming hopes and blossoming promises became your true companions.

There was a time when this cave-room played the role of torture and punishment. But now this room plays the role of humanity’s sacred, illumining and fulfilling shrine.

President Mandela, to your life’s sleepless struggle and to your soul’s indomitable courage and confidence my aspiration-heart and my dedication-life bow and bow.

You are the Pilot Supreme of your nation. Slowly, steadily and unerringly you have piloted your Boat to its destined goal: the goal of life’s flower and heart’s fragrance ever-increasing.