My Lord, my Lord, my Lord!
"My child, My child, My child!"

My Lord, my Supreme Lord, my only Lord!

This year my heart's streaming gratitude-tears have given me the unimaginable capacity to place at Your Forgiveness-Feet the sweet bloom of my love, the pure blossom of my devotion and the true fragrance of my surrender.

"My child, My Infinity's Dream-child, My Immortality's Reality-child, this year I shall grow in you with My unfailing Newness-Hope-Sky and I shall shine through you with My rising Fulness-Promise-Sun."

My Lord, I am perfect only when I have Your Happiness-Heart as my sleepless Companion.
"My child, I am complete only when I have your oneness-life as My breathless companion."

My Lord, my only Lord, this year to You, only to You, I shall offer My Victory's crown.

"My child, you, only you, are My Victory's Throne."