Nineteen hundred and seventy-one will be the year of divine, supreme manifestation.

Those who have divine obedience will offer their divine obedience to the Supreme.

Those who have divine love will offer their divine love to the Supreme.

Those who have divine devotion will offer their divine devotion to the Supreme.

Those who have divine surrender will offer their divine surrender to the Supreme.

While offering obedience, love, devotion and surrender, the seekers will manifest these divine qualities on earth.

Nineteen hundred and seventy-one is the year of divine manifestation.

Those who have only obedience can feel that they are babies.

Those who have love can feel that they are growing children.

Those who have devotion can feel that they are now at the adolescent stage.

And those who have surrender can feel that they are strong, stout, determined youth.

Now in surrender, we always say that unconditional surrender and constant surrender are needed. Unconditionally and constantly surrendered seekers are the seekers who can remain on the top of the tree; and those who have surrendered merely for a day or two or for a few minutes are at the foot of the tree.

Others who have devotion, love and obedience are running towards the tree. Among them, obedience comes third. First comes devotion, second, love and third, obedience. But they are all running; they will one day reach the tree. They will stay at the foot of the tree and become surrendered, and then gradually, if it is God's Will, they will become unconditionally and constantly surrendered seekers.

This is the year of manifestation. For those who have faith in God-realisation, this is the year for them to expedite their inner seeking. The year of manifestation is for those who want the Supreme for the Supreme; who want the Supreme for His sake and not for their sake.

For our disciples, sincere disciples, this year of manifestation will be the year of inner glory in God, glory in the Supreme's highest, transcendental Pride. For the Supreme needs, as we need, many things. He needs totally, unreservedly, unconditionally and constantly surrendered disciples. It is they who will be the torch-bearers of the supreme Truth. The Supreme is inwardly crying for these constantly, unconditionally surrendered disciples.