First become peace-dreamers112

Peace is today’s universal heart-hunger-cry. Peace will be tomorrow’s immortal life-satisfaction-smile.

We do not have an iota of peace precisely because our human mind wants to dominate the world. We do not have an iota of peace precisely because our divine heart has not yet established its inseparable oneness with the world. As long as we sing the song of supremacy, as long as we want to prove to the world that we are superior to others, then there can be no peace.

Who can have peace? Not a sovereign dictator, not a world-conqueror, but a self-giver and a world-lover.

Where is peace? Not in the world of competition, but in the world of self-perfection. Where else is peace? Not in our ruthless rejection of the outer life, but in our soulful acceptance of the outer life.

Our outer life needs greatness. Our inner life needs goodness. In our outer life we must be great — not individually, but collectively and universally. Then our inner goodness has to come to the fore and transform our greatness into goodness. If goodness and greatness remain apart, then there can be no peace. Greatness has to become inseparably one with goodness if we are to have peace. The mind’s loftiest achievements can never grant us peace. Only when our mind’s greatness becomes inseparably one with our heart’s all-giving goodness can we have abiding peace.

When the mind receives, it is peaceful and happy. When the heart offers, it is peaceful and happy. But there comes a time when we feel that there is something more than giving and taking, and this is becoming. When a Truth-seeker and God-lover not only receives peace from without and offers peace from within, but also wants to become peace itself, then he sees and feels that the Boatman, God the Creator, and the Boat, God the Creation, are immediately happy — and God’s Happiness is his own happiness.

A Truth-seeker and God-lover can never have peace unless and until he pleases his Inner Pilot — who is at once God the Creator and God the Creation — in His own Way. And by pleasing God in God’s own Way, the seeker becomes peace itself.

O peace-givers,
First become peace-makers.

O peace-makers,
First become peace-discoverers.

O peace-discoverers,
First become peace-lovers.

O peace-lovers,
First become divine peace-dreamers.

112. Harvard University; Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, 7 March 1986