Peace and truth1

I cannot think of God the Creation without thinking of God the Creator. I cannot imagine God’s Compassion-Eye without imagining His Forgiveness-Heart. Likewise, I cannot feel God’s transcendental Blessings without feeling His universal Peace.

What is Peace? Peace is the satisfaction-fruit. Where is the satisfaction-fruit? It is in the perfection-flower. Where is the perfection-flower? It is in the aspiration-seed. The aspiration-seed offers us the message of self-transcendence; thus self-transcendence is peace within and peace without.

In order to have peace, the human mind has to be aware of truth and has to accept truth as such. The mind’s awareness of truth and the mind’s acceptance of truth is peace. Again, the heart’s embodiment of truth and the heart’s revelation of truth is peace. Finally, the life’s fulfilment of truth and the life’s manifestation of truth is peace.

The earth-bound human hunger has to be transformed into the Heaven-free divine hunger in order to have peace. World-possession is our outer hunger. World-illumination is our inner hunger. To please ourselves in our own way is our human hunger. To please God in God’s own Way is our divine hunger. No matter how many times our desires are fulfilled, we can never have abiding peace. But if we please our Inner Pilot even for a fleeting second on the strength of our heart’s aspiration-cry, at that time we get abiding peace.

Peace and truth are inseparable. While we pray and meditate, we must see truth in the heart of peace and peace in the heart of truth. Man belongs to God’s unconditional Compassion. God belongs to man’s sleepless aspiration. This is at once Truth supreme and Peace supreme.

A seeker of Truth and lover of Peace will eventually please God in His own Way. God will eventually make the Truth-seeker and God-lover another God—the God of tomorrow.

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