A seeker's peace1

A seeker gets peace from his concentration, meditation and contemplation. His concentration-peace is powerful. It is like lightning. His meditation-peace is soulful. It is like the morning or the evening sky. His contemplation-peace is fruitful. It is like the oneness of the leaves, flowers and fruits with their source, the tree. It is like the inseparable oneness of the divine lover and the Beloved Supreme.

A seeker knows that peace and truth are inseparable. An ordinary human being finds it difficult to get peace from truth, for many times in his day-to-day life he feels that it will be more difficult if he tries to abide by truth. Therefore, rather than accept truth as his teacher and friend, he tries to take truth as his student and slave. But a seeker accepts truth as his teacher and his friend. Unlike an ordinary human being, a seeker also knows that truth frightens only the undivine, unaspiring reality in him. The aspiring reality is always illumined by truth. Therefore, a Truth-seeker and a God-lover always welcomes truth and, in his acceptance of truth, he derives peace within and without.

The seeker also has discovered the simple but supreme secret that without God's Compassion-Light, he is nothing, but with God's unconditional Love, he not only has everything but he also is everything. When he realises this, his heart is all peace.

The seeker gets peace when his aspiration-heart feels that it gets everything that it needs from God, and when his dedication-life feels that it needs nothing from the world in return. For the unaspiring human being, this truth is concealed. That is why peace is nowhere to be found in his life. But for the seeker, it is not concealed; it is fully revealed.

Peace is nothing other than satisfaction. Every human being is longing for peace, which is satisfaction. And every human being will definitely have peace in the near or distant future. At God's choice Hour, each individual human being will become a seeker and begin to follow the inner life. This is the life that keeps its heart-door wide open to the supreme Truth, which is being manifested here on earth in the form of divine Peace.

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