Where is peace?1

Where is peace? Peace is not in the old and dead world of the mind—the world that abounds in doubt, insecurity, jealousy and meanness. Peace is in the ever-new world of the heart, which is flooded with love, joy and oneness.

Peace is a unique power. This power is a stranger to money-power, possession-power and supremacy-power. Peace-power has established its inseparable oneness only with heart-power.

Peace-power and the heart's oneness-power will forever and forever remain inseparable, supremely enjoying their unparalleled divine friendship.

A purity-mind has peace. A oneness-heart is peace. A satisfaction-life distributes peace here, there and all-where.

I can have peace only when I feel that my heart has everything and that my life needs nothing. Let us all dive deep into our heart-sea. Then we are bound to see and hear our Inner Pilot singing His own Victory-Song in and through us— His divinely chosen children and supreme hero-warriors.

At every moment I must be practical and wise. I shall not desire to own the world or disown the world. I shall only desire to love the world-heart and to serve the world-body. I must accept the world as it is, and try to improve the world with my inner and outer capacities without any expectation-hopes. This is the only way I can have peace of mind as a constant, sleepless companion in my world of aspiration and in my world of dedication.

On a practical level, if I want peace and need peace, then I must also pray soulfully and meditate silently. I must recite the name of my Beloved Supreme day and night. At every moment in my dedication-life I must remember His unconditional Compassion-Power while loving and serving His world-family, my brothers and sisters in humanity.

Peace brilliantly shines on a Truth-seeker's and God-lover's silence-life-path. I must, as a seeker, walk along the path of silence. My Lord Supreme every day will both follow me and lead me. His Forgiveness-Heart will follow me and His Compassion-Eye will lead me along Eternity's Road. Thus, my Lord Supreme and my own aspiration-heart, with its eternal God-hunger, will be two pilgrims walking together forever along Eternity's Road towards ever-fulfilling peace and ever-increasing satisfaction.

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